I must cancel a picnic.  I had high hopes for 2021 but then a variant came to call.  😢

Cross your paws that the 24th SoCalCorgiPicnic will happen in 2022.

'til we bark and potluck again, doG bless, stay safe  💗

Dolores, Torque, & lil Bear


to the info page for the annual So Cal Corgi Picnic, a potluck event that began in 1999 to bring So Cal corgifolk together and to raise funds for CorgiAid.  Everybody and everydoggy are welcome to attend.  

Scroll down for info for genersl information about the picnic.  We had to skip last year, of course, but I'm really hopeful for this Fall!  You can email me to be put on the picnic-only mailing list.

Thanks for visiting, hope to see you in the fall!

It is with deep sadness

that I share the death of our Joe Szczypkowski, husband to Marie, our Auction Elf. 

Joe was the very definition of 'gentle giant' and without whose generous help setting up
and packing up, I never could've managed the picnic at all.  

I can replace the help, but never Joe.

It Gladdens My Heart


the GENEROSITY of SCCPicnickers - even without a picnic!

Today I shall mail                                    

to CorgiAid!  I'm almost speechless!!  (you know how impossible THAT is!  😁)

For some of you, a 'donation' to anything but a grocery store or a landlord would be impossible to consider at his time.  My 💗 goes out to you.  My prayers and MY VOTE in November will be for a better 2021 for all of us.

For voting information by state:  https://www.vote411.org/  brought to you by The League of Women Voters

If anyone would like to add to our donation to CorgiAid, contact me at dewawis@dslextreme.com for PayPal or snail mail info.

doG bless you all - Wash Your Hands - WearADamnMask - c'ya next year!!!


It Breaks My Heart

to announce that there will be no So Cal Corgi Picnic this 2020 pandemic year.  No surprise, i'm sure, given the fraught nature of gatherings, but i'll miss you all!

By the Grace of God, NEXT YEAR!! 

#WearADamnMask - wash your hands - snuggle only with your corgi!

PS:  Torque and I are well; scroll down for pics of lil Bear  

Paws Crossed for a 2020 SCCP!

much has changed since my last post introducing lil Bear; check him out now!

With so many things off limits during quarantine - y'all better be home washing your hands!!! - i'm getting nostalgic for our So Cal Corgi Picnic.  assuming i survive (i do have two strikes!!  LOL), there shall be a picnic, if allowed by then.  i am considering no-potluck, depending on our status.  

IF you stumble onto this post, please drop me a note at 2020 SCCP
just yes or no in the subject line to tell me if you're THIS bored yet!  LOL

CORGIS RULE!  please stay home and be careful - c'ya in September  

Please meet

**drum roll**

"lil Bear"
12 weeks old today

lil 'cuz he's only 5lbs but probably just Bear when you meet him next year!

thanks for all the suggestions - I did try 'em out!

How Many Corgis in Rescue

will get healthy and be placed in furever homes because of your generosity?


worth, that's how many!!!
UPDATE:  +$50!!


and we had FUN!! hope to c'y'all next year!!


The Date for the 23rd So Cal Corgi Picnic 

** Sunday, SEPTEMBER 8, 2019 **

Come join us and a whole buncha corgis for food and games and food 
and comcorgiship and food
and food

To Contact Dolores or Join The Picnic Mailing List

send an email to dewawis   Hope to see you at the 2017 picnic!  

The 23rd So Cal Corgi Picnic is SEPTEMBER 8, 2019!!

WHO: all corgi lovers and their corgis, honorary corgis and wannabe corgis
WHAT: a potluck and fundraising picnic with CorgiFolk
WHEN: Sunday, September 8, 2019; 11:00 am to 4:00 pm-ish
WHERE: Griffith Park, Los Angeles, across from Roosevelt Golf Course (map posted)
WHY: we LOVE our corgis!!

This picnic site is rustic with lotsa trees for shade and a grassy area if you want to bring a pop-up.
The parking is close and so is the restroom!

Please no agility equipment and no unleashed dogs 'cuz this site is on the street.

All else remains the same: potluck, donations to
CorgiAid, silent auction, good friends, and CORGIS!!

C'ya there!


Map and Directions to the SCCP

Click map for larger image.
  • Use 2650 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles (Roosevelt Muni Golf Course) in GPS
  • When she says 'destination on right' - turn LEFT to the picnic
  • Copy and Paste:  2650 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA into Google Maps
  • Turn LEFT at the golf course to the picnic
  • Look for the banner and all the short-legged dogs!!
If you get to the Greek Theatre, you've gone too far.


Please click here to RSVP or to ask me a question! 

In the RSVP, please include your name, your dogs' names, and what you're bringing for potluck. THANKS!

Who's Comin'?

    Please click the link in the post above to send me an RSVP email. 
    I will add you to this list.
    (click list to enlarge)

What To Bring

  • chairs
  • your own drinks
  • a camera (cute corgis abound!)
  • $$$ for the silent auction
  • a bit more $ for CorgiAid
There's lotsa shade if you only bring chairs and lotsa unshaded grass if you bring a pop-up.  The picnic uses all available picnic tables.

For your convenience, there's a driveway which can be used as a loading zone.  All parking is on the street.

Silent Auction / Raffle

this sterling silver tie tack pin looks like a raffle item to me!
donated by Elizabeth Trail Design


Wood Treat and Leash Holder

Donated by PAULINE IU:


Large Gift Basket In Memory of SHANE



Donated by Zimmygurumi


donated by Lisa
a gift basket o'goodies

generous donors to the SCCP Silent Auction

it is rare

that i use the picnic site for anything other than picnic news but these are TOO CUTE not to share!

my friend Lindsey has reopened her Etsy store to sell the CUTEST li'l crocheted corgis!! Pems and Cardis in (almost) all the colors!

SCCP FUNdraising!!


Here’s the link to Corgi-L to find all the information (and some fun) about our corgi breeds you’ll EVER need. 

Also check out CorgiAid and read the stories of the pups YOU help!!

Your Donations

From the first So Cal picnic in 1999, ALL donations and auction proceeds have been earmarked for CorgiAid, and we thank you for your support!!.
Donations to the silent auctions are welcome and, if you email me a picture, I will post it on the website!  

If you are a business donating to the silent auction, I will link to your website on this picnic site and I will display your promotional material on the Welcome table!!