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thanks for sharing!

in the fundraising department, weeeeell, let's just say we've had better years...

$ 1045.50 raised at the picnic plus a $250 pre-picnic donation =


needy corgis will be helped and that's what counts!!

today was a blast!!  thanks for comin' out to celebrate our pups!  c'ya next year!!
special thanks to Doug, Denise, Joe, and Marie - could NOT do it without ya!

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The 17th So Cal Corgi Picnic is Sunday, September 15!!!

WHO: all corgi lovers and their corgis, honorary corgis and wannabe corgis
WHAT: a potluck and fundraising picnic with CorgiFolk
WHEN: Sunday, September 15, 2013; 11:00 am to 4:00 pm-ish
WHERE: Griffith Park, Los Angeles, across from Roosevelt Golf Course (map posted)
WHY: we LOVE our corgis!!

This picnic site is rustic with lotsa trees for shade and a grassy area if you want to bring a pop-up.
The parking is close and so is the restroom!
Professionally-suggested yellow jacket traps will be 'in attendance' directly above the food table!! 

There will be no Corgi Corral but there will be a Hitchin' Post.  There will definitely NOT be any agility equipment and no unleashed dogs 'cuz this site is on the street.

All else remains the same: potluck, musical mats, donations to
CorgiAid and So Cal-based corgi rescue, silent auction, good friends, and CORGIS!!

C'ya Sunday, September 15th!

Map and Directions to the SCCP

Click map for larger image.
  • Use 2650 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles (Roosevelt Muni Golf Course) in GPS
  • When she says 'destination on right' - turn LEFT to the picnic
  • Copy and Paste:  2650 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA into Google Maps
  • Turn LEFT at the golf course to the picnic
  • Look for the banner and all the short-legged dogs!!
If you get to the Greek Theatre, you've gone too far.


Please click here to RSVP or to ask me a question! 

In the RSVP, please include your name, your dogs' names, and what you're bringing for potluck. THANKS!

Who's Comin'?

    Please click the link in the post above to send me an RSVP email. 
    I will add you to this list.

What To Bring

  • chairs
  • your own drinks
  • a camera (cute corgis abound!)
  • $$$ for the silent auction
  • a bit more $ for CorgiAid and SACR
  • there will be no Corgi Corral
  • there will be a Hitchin' Post, so you can park your pup

There's lotsa shade if you only bring chairs and lotsa unshaded grass if you bring a pop-up.  The picnic uses all available picnic tables.

For your convenience, there's a driveway which can be used as a loading zone.  All parking is on the street.

Silent Auction


Corgi jewelry box


 PWC cloth patch
(c. 4"x 3")
Donated by ROBERTA HARE: 
PWC Pillow - front
(c. 12"x 9")
PWC Pillow - back
two Corgi License Plate Holders
Donated by ANN and BARRY FOOSE:
a Stained Glass Corgi Picture

a water bowl o'goodies
2014 Corgi calendar
2014 Corgi calendar

Your Donations

From the first So Cal picnic, all donations and auction proceeds have been earmarked for CorgiAid.  In recent down-economic times, So Cal-based rescue has been jam-packed with corgis, including a few with serious, ongoing, and expensive medical issues.  Because charity should begin at home, a portion of picnic proceeds will now be donated to St. Anthony's Canine Rescue in Lomita.

You Determine How Your Donation Is Directed

All checks made out to CorgiAid will be sent to CorgiAid. 
Thirty percent (30%) of all cash donations will be given to SACR operated by Arleen Rooney, who is a familiar face at SCCPicnics.  If you would like to meet Arleen at the picnic (no autographs, please *g*), I will be happy to introduce you. 
Donations to the silent auctions are welcome and, if you email me a picture, I will post it here.