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Pat Ourselves On The Back!!

The final total raised for CorgiAid is


YAY for us!!

Again thanks to everyone for everything - look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Thanks from CorgiAid:

Date:    Thu, 25 Sep 2014 13:24:59 -0400
From:    Victoria Neff
Subject: Thank you, So. Cal!

Thank you, Southern California, for remembering homeless corgis as you enjoyed your picnic!

I know you all had a wonderful time.  :-)   Thank you, photographers, for taking and posting pics, so those of us who couldn't be there can enjoy the festivities vicariously! :-)

A special thank you to the organizers -- I can't imagine how much work it is to plan and put on an event like this!

Many have said it takes a village to get important things done.  It certainly takes the entire Corgi Community to make sure there is enough support to take care of medical needs for homeless corgis.

Thank you, each of you, and all of you, for all you do for CorgiKind!

  -- Vicki Neff, chair, CorgiAid grants committee

Access to the photos is still open to all.  There are 280 already but it's CORGIS - who can ever have too many pictures of corgis, right??

go to:  the 2014 picnic PhotoBucket  (to view or to upload)
log in as:  So_Cal_Corgi_Picnic  (to upload)
password:  pembroke


*I* had a ball and I hope you all did too!!

Can not say THANK YOU enough for all the help I got before, during, and after - truly could NOT do it without you all!

The silent auction, raffle, and donation box yielded

which will do lots for the benefit of needy corgis via CorgiAid!  THANK YOU!!
There is one donation outstanding; so please check back for a final total!!

* * * * * * * * * * * *
PHOTOS - this should work.... 

go to:  the 2014 picnic PhotoBucket
log in as:  So_Cal_Corgi_Picnic
password:  pembroke

and upload your photos.

(because i'm kinda OCD, i'm gonna upload mine as 'Dolores-01, Dolores-02', etc. 'cuz I like the idea of mine being grouped in sequence.  You may upload yours however you, really!!  :D)

If you have any problems with the upload, contact me and i'll try to help

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Again, THANK YOU for making today SUCH a good time!

btw - here's the first picnic visitor of the day:


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Date For The 2014

So Cal Corgi Picnic is
please bookmark THIS site as the best source of info and/or join the picnic mailing list CLICK HERE

Please DO NOT copy/paste picnic info to another site.
Yes, I'm a control freak :)   but...not only is all the picnic info here, RSVPs to other sites ain't "official"!!


The 18th So Cal Corgi Picnic is September 20, 2014!

WHO: all corgi lovers and their corgis, honorary corgis and wannabe corgis
WHAT: a potluck and fundraising picnic with CorgiFolk
WHEN: Saturday, September 20, 2014; 11:00 am to 4:00 pm-ish
WHERE: Griffith Park, Los Angeles, across from Roosevelt Golf Course (map posted)
WHY: we LOVE our corgis!!

This picnic site is rustic with lotsa trees for shade and a grassy area if you want to bring a pop-up.
The parking is close and so is the restroom!
Professionally-suggested yellow jacket traps will be 'in attendance' directly above the food table!! 

Please no agility equipment and no unleashed dogs 'cuz this site is on the street.

All else remains the same: potluck, donations to
CorgiAid, silent auction, good friends, and CORGIS!!

C'ya there!

Map and Directions to the SCCP

Click map for larger image.
  • Use 2650 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles (Roosevelt Muni Golf Course) in GPS
  • When she says 'destination on right' - turn LEFT to the picnic
  • Copy and Paste:  2650 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA into Google Maps
  • Turn LEFT at the golf course to the picnic
  • Look for the banner and all the short-legged dogs!!
If you get to the Greek Theatre, you've gone too far.


Please click here to RSVP or to ask me a question! 

In the RSVP, please include your name, your dogs' names, and what you're bringing for potluck. THANKS!

Who's Comin'?

    Please click the link in the post above to send me an RSVP email. 
    I will add you to this list.
    (click list to enlarge)

What To Bring

  • chairs
  • your own drinks
  • a camera (cute corgis abound!)
  • $$$ for the silent auction
  • a bit more $ for CorgiAid
There's lotsa shade if you only bring chairs and lotsa unshaded grass if you bring a pop-up.  The picnic uses all available picnic tables.

For your convenience, there's a driveway which can be used as a loading zone.  All parking is on the street.

Silent Auction


Basket contains:

  • Treat packages
  • Dog toys
  • Collapsible travel cup
  • "Looking for Mr. Right" paperback
  • Poop bags
  • Grass saver

gently used flat collars for that trending corgi-on-corgi fashion look!
GSD not included
donated by JENFUJ of Three Cheers For Corgis 
an assortment of handmade items all basketed up:

   Corgi Cookie Cutter (cookie not included!)

Corgis All Around ceramic mug

   I Heart Corgis Post-it-notes

donated by MARTIN and LINDA HAINES:





Your Donations

From the first So Cal picnic, all donations and auction proceeds have been earmarked for CorgiAid.  The SCCPicnic will revert to that with the retirement of Arleen Rooney and  St. Anthony's Canine Rescue from active corgi rescue.   
Thank you for your support of CorgiAid and local rescue past and future!
Donations to the silent auctions are welcome and, if you email me a picture, I will post it on the website!